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Children are common targets for identity theft. Since most people under 18 are not actively applying for credit or monitoring it, minors can become easy prey.

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The iPROTECT Surveillance Program monitors billions of data records on a daily basis from sources such as:

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Nicole G. of Dallas, TX

Nicole was shocked to find out that she was the victim of a recent burglary. Soon, thereafter, she began receiving calls from creditors. Fortunately, an iPROTECT restoration specialist was notified and reached out to Nicole. They applied fraud alerts and contacted the creditors to initiate disputes for the opened bank account and clear any forged checks. iPROTECT was able to identify and resolve fraudulent acts to 16 different creditors and merchants and restore Nicole’s healhty credit score.

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As millions of individuals become victims of identity theft each year, the need for optimized protection services increases. Through the iPROTECT affiliate program, your tax customers are able to better protect what matters most;

namely their livelihood and ability to support their loved ones. plete protection from iPROTECT. With continuous monitoring, instant alert notifications, and 24/7 control, users can rest easy knowing they’re receiving complete protection from iPROTECT.